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Voice of Albion 2014.04.16

An interview with Keith Axon

Keith was the first West Midlands Regional Organiser when John Tyndall formed the British National Party in 1982.
After building up his region over many years, Keith was the Election Agent of the only Nationalist Candidate to ever win a seat in Birmingham.

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The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2014.04.16

The Dollar, the World’s Reserve Currency, Is the Holy Grail for Controlling Everything In Sight

-The IMF, World Bank – The history and why the BRICS are
starting their own. Is this the start of something really big?
-Listen and understand the deep knowledge behind the essence and power of the world’s reserve currency – The Dollar and how it relates to power, control and wars
-Income taxes are not about raising revenue, they are about sucking money out of the system as to not experience “price” inflation.
-One half billion in gold was sold short on Tuesday, who was behind this move?
-President Obama’s assertion the USG’s budget is only 600 Billion short this year is a lie
-Hear the fascinating story of the Hunt brothers cornering the silver market in 1977 and how The Boys stopped them cold
-The light bulb, electricity, Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse and J.P. Morgan – now here’s a story
-How is it possible we the people are in debt up to 100 Trillion?
-Do you want to be a gold coin collector or a gold hoarder?
-Hear Andy’s take on the Bundy Ranch/BLM story

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The Realist Report with John Friend 2014.04.16

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. Dr. MacDonald and I will be discussing White pathology and the future of White people in America and around the world. In the second hour, John de Nugent and I will be discussing the alleged shooting purportedly carried out by Glenn Miller in Kansas City.

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David Duke Show 2014.04.16

Today: Dr. David Duke today talks about the realities of Judaism and Jewish tribal racism and extremism. He shows the reality from Jewish authorities that many Jews are non-religious yet support Jewish supremacism and extremism, and even many religious Jews are openly atheist and yet join and often even lead synagogues. So strange but so true. ( documents Jewish publications stating that very clearly but hidden from the consciousness of most Gentiles. He talks about the mechanism of racism and discrimination in favor of fellow Jews and against Gentiles that has led to their complete domination of Hollywood and media, International banking like the Federal Reserve, and political policies both on the domestic issues level, such as immigration and social values, and foreign policy, such as support for Zionist war and objectives. He shows with easily confirmed sources that the this Jewish supremacy is not because of markedly higher intelligence or better work ethics but because of racist discrimination. He cites Ron Unz in his The Myth of American Meritocracy that proves this fact. He and Dr. Slattery go into the Jewish ethnic hatred toward Gentiles and finally Dr. Duke once again urges listeners to watch the Jewish studio, written and produced anti-Gentile film, Project X which promotes behaviors that are destructive to the youth of the world. Finally, he says that opposing Jewish racism and extremism is truly an act opposing violence and supporting human rights and a more peaceful world. FANTASTIC SHOW! SHARE!

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Fake Jewish Community Center Shooter Frazier Cross is a Zionist Agent

Frazier Cross, aka Glenn Frazier Cross and Glenn Miller, is not a man supporting any white man’s cause. Rather, he is a supporter of the cause of Zionism. That’s because rather than an enemy of the Jews/Zionism he is actually a Zionist Jew in disguise.

Miller, actually, Cross is an ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center cohort. He is one of them,  no less so than the likes of Abe Foxman and Morris Dees.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.04.16

Americans losing their jobs to immigrants.

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Only A Texan Can Make You Feel Like A Woman

A plane passed  through a severe storm. The turbulence was awful, and things went from bad to  worse when one wing was struck by lightning.
One woman lost it  completely.

She stood up in the front of the plane and screamed,  ‘I’m too young to die,’ she cried. Then she yelled, ‘If I’m going to die, I  want my last minutes on earth to be memorable! Is there anyone on this  plane who can make me feel like a WOMAN?’ 

For a moment, there  was silence. Everyone stared at the desperate woman in the front of the  plane. Then the man from Texas stood up in the rear of the plane. He was  handsome, tall, well built, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Slowly, he  started to walk up the aisle, unbuttoning his shirt as he went, one button at  a time. No one moved. He removed his shirt. Muscles rippled across his  chest.

She gasped…

Then, he  spoke…

Iron this — and then get me a  beer.’

The Holocaust Mega-post: Revised, Updated, and Repaired

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.04.15

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Robert Hitt - Geopolitical Astrology

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Jim KIrwan

Hour 3 - (ENCORE)

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Something Very Strange Is Going On

Just ran across a very interesting video from perrrfection and until I followed her steps I thought she might be seeing something that is not there, but the evidence is undeniable that she is right, something VERY strange is going on at YouTube and her conclusion that it is happening by governement aka Fed trolls, is more than just likely because anyone that can upload 600-700 videos in one day, sometimes dozens of longer videos in the same hour, is using servers far more powerful than ordinary folks sitting at a store bought computer using cable, DSL or satellite.
What our videographer notices is that brand new accounts at YouTube, with virtually no subscribers, most using actors’ names are mirroring economic and war themed videos, in the hundreds, a day.

One example she uses is the new YouTube account “Gary Cooper“, with one subscriber, yet when I looked at his account I say that four days ago he uploaded 634 videos and that was the only activity for the whole account and he has one subscriber total, or did when I looked

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Ernst Zuendel, Fritz Berg: Diesels, Gas Wagons, and Zyklon B
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Internet comments getting too much truth out? Stop the truth. Here's how.

Internet comments getting too much truth out? Stop the truth. Here's how.

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The Truth About Taxes
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The People Speak with Rock Cash 2014.04.15

Guest: Max Gellar

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The End of The White Network

For the reasons described in My Mistake, I have decided, without consulting with or seeking Carolyn Yeager’s consent, that The White Network will no longer be used to record or broadcast any new programs. There will be no further posts or comments. I will not allow her to abuse the system I constructed to undermine the purpose for which it was constructed and for which she originally agreed to use it.

I expect Carolyn Yeager will continue publishing at I will continue at Age of Treason. I have not decided what to do with AoTR. Carolyn informed me yesterday that Paul Hickman had already decided to move to Renegade Broadcasting. I wish him good luck. His decision has made my decision about tWn much easier. I thank Ray Goodwin and Hadding Scott for their contributions here.

Though I have always managed the server itself, Carolyn has always managed the donations and bills and thus has control over the hosting account and domain name. I would like this site to stand as an archive for as long as possible, so I request that she use whatever funds remain, or new funds come in, to continue paying the bills. Whether this actually happens is Carolyn Yeager’s decision and responsibility.

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The Blood Rally 4.15.2014

Siegfried is joined by the ANN's own Christopher Borsella and David Jones for a discussion on their own worldview and perhaps much more!


Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.04.15

Charles finishes his Friday discussion on the BIS then goes into stolen elections mainly by Bush senior.

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The Realist Report with John Friend 2014.04.15

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Sean Daly, an American patriot based in Southern California and a regular listener to The Realist Report who recently visited the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Sean and I will be discussing his experience at the Bundy Ranch and the media coverage of the BLM stand down.
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